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Screenshot of a Google Slide with handwritten signatures

Google Slides Signature Collector

Use this add-on to create a digital form that collects digital signatures and puts them into a Google Slides presentation. You can arrange, rotate, and resize them just like any other image and optionally export the whole slide as a transparent PNG to use the signatures elsewhere.

Getting started

Make a copy of this template to get started. See the documentation for detailed setup instructions.


This add-on only transfers data from the submission page to the Google Slides you set up. It does not go back to me or any third parties. See the privacy page for more information.


While Google has many measures in place to protect your security and privacy, it is best practice to use an "autograph" that is distinct from the signature you'd use on legally binding documents for this add-on. This is good practice for anywhere you're signing for recreational purposes, both online and offline, to prevent potential misuse of your signature.